An Arts and Culture Platform 

Soul Series started as a web series in 2017, showcasing talents around Maryland and DC, but now has developed into an arts and culture platform. Soul Series' mission is to cover as many intimate, but inspiring conversations, behind-the-scenes moments, and events with the aspiring and established. There is currently a blog, podcast, and now revamped channel on Youtube. The goal will always be to support the original mission of interviewing creatives and connecting the community to people, art, crafts, brands and topics worth talking about. Developed by Brea Soul.

The Podcast

The Webseries

Malik the Dope Drummer

Street performers come and go but this one is here to stay. From first making $200 in New Orleans to performing for Erykah Badu's birthday party. Malik shares with Brea, how his journey started and where it all is headed.

Shiva Sounds: DJ

While exploring CD Depot, Brea and Shiva Sounds chat about the journey of being a woman DJ, favorite musicians and influences, and then they create the ultimate CD collection for crusing. Check it!

Spur of The Moment: Fashion Brand

Meet the creators of Spur of the Moment, Brittany and Byrd. Spur of the Moment is a clothing brand that is all about confidence! Find out more with our season one finale!

Alexis Seek: Painter

Meet painter Alexis Seek, while Brea Soul and her discuss painting. Next, the girls even have a photo shoot two other models! 

Samiya a.k.a Lil Baby Creates: Illustator

Brea meets up with illustrator @thisislilbaby. Lil baby shares her creative process and insights on her journey working with clients.

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