Vibrant and moving colors captures the viewer’s eyes but the range of emotions and expression is what keeps the eye. When viewing these oil paintings, I encounter all of my various and different inner-personas. I see myself in these. Repetition, overlapping, blending and composition aids in transporting the viewer from simply viewing the painting to reflecting over their own life/self. Each character asks all of the right questions: Who are you? Where are you headed? How do I fit in this space? Am I changing too fast or too slow? They ask all of the questions, we probably ask ourselves in our head daily.

Romance Mix TrackList:

Love. Friends. Situationship

  • Friends by PNB Rock
  • Psycho by Post Malone
  • Make You Fall in Love by Jacquees and Dej Loaf
  • Seasons by TJ Mizell
  • Thunder by Roy Blair
  • First Fuck by 6lack and Jhene Aiko
  • On My Mind by Jorja Smith

     Roy DeCarava, Graduation, 1949

Roy DeCarava was more, “focused on formal elements within his photographs, in this piece, the viewer can see a striking representation of composition and contrast. In the photograph, a young woman in a white gown stands in bright sunlight. Though bathed in sunlight, she is headed into darkness. DeCarava depicts social realism related to this time. Though the contrast between the girl’s white dress and the shadowy street is striking, one can also notice contrast among the shadowy street itself. DeCarva focuses the viewer's eyes to analyze and to feel the full possibilities of life in the shadows. All imagery pertaining to the future, both positive and negative are placed in the shadows. In this individual’s world, hope, fear, poverty and potential coexist.  Roy DeCarava conveyed African Americans transitioning into adulthood.

Matthew Curry, DC based artist

Curry is a designer, illustrator, painter and his layering technique deserves some recognition. From observation, there are elements of screen-printing and paint present. They both seamlessly co-exist one plane. His usage of white space and outlines to tie everything together is refreshing. Sometimes too much white space can be overwhelming but Matthew Curry gives us just enough, adding to the space, versus subtracting from it. Aside from formal elements, a narrative can be found in a lot of his work. While viewing his work, the figures starts to become relatable. We all are trying to figure out something but most of the time, have no clue where to start.

Self Mix Tracklist:

Going through the Motions

Everybody Dies in their Nightmares by XXXtentacion
Nowadays by Lil Skies
Ha! by Bruno Mali
Woah Woah Woah by Trippie Redd
Love No More by Slim Slator
Glo Like Dat by Rich Brain

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