My name is Brea Soul and I am a jack-of-all-trades, kind of lady. I am a multifaceted photographer, artist, marketing and media specialist. Outside of my professional
career, one true passion surrounds discovering and showcasing the inspiring
creative culture among communities less represented. I am on a mission of
promoting the visibility and capital of minorities, working in the arts and culture
industry. In doing so, Soul Studios, a creative consulting firm was founded.

Soul Studios consists of an online media platform called, FoundSoul, showcasing various artists, musicians and entrepreneurs. FoundSoul's mission is to cover as many intimate, but inspiring conversations, behind-the-scenes moments, and events with the aspiring and established. Within this project, Soul Studios prides itself on being a media outlet that creates new and profitable opportunities for artist's brand recognition and talent. Currently, Soul Studios’ goal is to partner and network with local organizations and businesses to create paid opportunities for local artists and to develop public events in collaboration with cultural institutions.


Breasoul, a.k.a Kabrea Hayman, received her B.A degree in Fine Arts and minored in Art History, from the University of Maryland- College Park in Maryland. While she is gifted with talents ranging in the visual arts field, she has chosen to focus and master storytelling through a lens. In her artistry, Soul seeks to study and document human identities and relating narratives through photography and video, simultaneously providing visibility opportunities for minority artists and creatives. She is intrigued by self-promotion avenues that digital media platforms create, juxtapositions and formal elements such as; color harmony, lines and movement, space and composition. 

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