A B O U T  M E


Brea Soul, is a multifaceted artist and designer that is dedicated to contributing to the creative culture in Maryland and the DC area. She is the in-house graphic designer for Brentwood Arts Exchange, a contemporary art gallery in Maryland, brand manager and creative director for Lady By Jewelry, an online jewelry boutique, and has worked as a photo contributor and social media manager for Capitol Standard Magazine, an online publication based out of Washington, DC. Brea was raised in a small town called Trappe, MD. By age 5, she started water-color painting, then ballet, hip hop and jazz dance lessons and performance for 6 years and then ending with a graphic design pathway for four years of high school. While growing up, communicating through imagery deemed to be the only effective way to express herself. As of December 2017, Brea graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a Bachelor's degree in Studio Art and a minor in Art History. During her undergraduate, she rediscovered her love of paint but for the past two years, Brea has committed her time to photography. Since then, she has been invited to showcase at two pop-up events in Washington, DC, granted a photography opportunity for AllThingsGo, DC, and worked with artists such as Alex Vaughn, Kweku Collins, Rico Nasty and Manny Wellz. In the future, Brea plans to combine her art foundation, design and digital editing experience, and passion for story-telling to become a creative director and marketing strategist, working on various projects such as;  music and informative videos, fashion editorial look books, magazine design/layout, and producing media coverage. She has exhibited her artwork and photography in multiple artshows and exhibitions.

 Artist Statement

I always felt like I didn’t belong, but in reality, relatable representation just lacked around me so in my photography and webseries, Soul Series, I choose to capture the essence of a person’s identity and lifestyle. I seek modern representation of African Americans and other minority groups because I want to highlight the identities and stories of those that are still often overlook or ignored. My goal is to encourage the world to observe these identities and various cultures closely and then to connect in a way they have not before. I currently shoot with a D4300 and I love working with color, composition/framing and layering. My influences include Gordon Parks and Roy Decarava, music, and cultural relativism.

C O N T A C T  M E

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