Brea Soul

Brea Soul, formerly known as Kabrea Hayman, is a jack-of-all-trades, kind of lady. She is a multifaceted photographer, artist, marketing and media professional, that is dedicated to highlighting the vibrant creative culture in Maryland and the DC area. She is the Inbound Marketing Specialist for Arachnidworks, Inc., a full-service marketing firm in Frederick, MD. She is also the founder and creative director for Soul Studios, a creative consulting agency, consisting of an online platform to promote the visibility and capital of minorities in the arts and culture industry.

In 2017, Soul Studios launched Soul Series, a web series interviewing creatives around Maryland and DC. It has now developed into an arts and culture media platform. Soul Series' mission is to cover as many intimate, but inspiring conversations, behind-the-scenes moments, and events with the aspiring and established. Within this project, Soul Studios prides itself on proudly taking care of those artists and creatives who deserves to be taken care of. Currently, Soul Studios’ goal is to partner with local organizations and businesses to create paid opportunities for local artists and to develop public events in collaboration with cultural institutions.

Breasoul received her B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Maryland, and minored in Art History. Soul seeks to study and report on digital culture and identity, in return to provide pathways to sustainability for minority artists and creatives. She is intrigued by self-promotion avenues that social and digital media platforms create and inspire. She can be found @brea.soul

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